Created by a partnership between BNS Data Logistics and Netstar Products

BNS Netstar was founded in 2021 from a collaboration between BNS Data Logistics and Netstar Products and focuses on global Internet Service Providers, Installers and Enterprise AV distributors. For the further development of the portfolio, BNS Netstar strongly believes in regional development and production.

BNS Data Logistics started in 1999 as a distributor of Cisco accessories under the name Top Data cables & services. The name changes in 2006 to BNS Data logistics and is then a total supplier for Internet Service Providers with a wide range of connectivity solutions. In recent years, the development and supply of network and telecom products has taken on an increasingly prominent role and this activity is being housed in a business development team that operates on its own.

Netstar Products was founded in 2010 and successfully markets network products such as switches, routers and PDUs for commercial and residential integrated high-end Audio/Video installations and home automation with its brand Niveo Professional. These products are used in fully integrated A/V applications, such as video conferencing in offices, advertising displays in stadiums, video display integration in sports bars and home automation with A/V integration.

BNS and Netstar were both looking for a cooperation partner to facilitate further growth. The merging of the activities resulted in a partnership that focuses on the development of innovative network and connectivity products that give end users a better experience. We call this: Technovation for human experience.

Maximizing product lifecycles,
minimizing footprints.

BNS Cosmos is the sister company of BNS Netstar and they do everything around the ultimate product lifecycle. The fulfillment service consists of several well-designed focus areas that allow customers to focus on what really matters: their core business. In this way, BNS Cosmos enables contemporary pioneers to become the heroes of tomorrow.